10 spooktacular retro games for Halloween 2012

Halloween is close, and what better to get set for the event than to grab one of those terrifying gems (ok, sometimes not that terrifying) that we have in our treasure chest. Terror games have always been popular in the videogames market, as we’ve discovered throughout the years. So let’s go over 10 retro games that can help you having your best Halloween so far.

Every RetroGamer has their own preferences, but for your information we’ve put them in the ranking according to the good memories they bring us. Let’s go for it, RetroGamers!!!

10. Silent Hill

Silent Hill

In the last position of the list we have Silent Hill. A lot of sequels have joined the series since Konami, in 1999, launched the first one for the PlayStation. Help Harry Mason find his missing daughter. We think that five possible endings after fighting a satanic sect will get you quite satisfied.

9. Alone in the Dark

Alone In The Dark

In 1992 the first one of the series came out, for PC. Like Silent Hill, several sequels of this Infogrames game have appeared, although the first one for MS-DOS has the honor of holding a Guinness book of Records prize for being the first “survival horror” game in the whole history. Also, it was among the first ones on using polygonal characters over pre-rendered backgrounds.

8. Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi's Mansion

It’s hard to believe that in a list of games to get set for Halloween we could find something by Nintendo, but it’s true. Maybe it’s not the most terrifying thing you’ve seen in your life, but for sure it does its job: ghosts, ghosts… and more ghosts. Launched for the GameCube in 2001, we were very close to not including it in the list for being too recent. However, it’s more than 10 years old so it made it through the filter. Play Luigi and try to rescue Mario, who is missing in this haunted mansion.

7. Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve

It was published in Japan in 1998 for the PlayStation. This SquareSoft game was very successful and tells us the story of Aya, who is leisurely watching an opera when suddenly everyone there die of spontaneous combustion. Everyone except her, her date and the opera singer, who becomes a monster that will start devastating the city of New York. Some time after its sequel was launched, Parasite Eve II.

6. Project Zero

Project Zero

This game, known as Fatal Frame in the United States and simply as Zero in Japan, dates from 2001 (its age has just only allowed it to get in the list). The company Tecmo was its creator and it was launched for the PlayStation 2 and the XBOX. Miku’s brother, Mafuyu, has been missing for two weeks after getting inside the supposedly haunted Himuro Mansion. Like other successful videogames, several sequels have appeared after this one. Just out of interest, for those of you who don’t know it, such Himuro Mansion exists in the real life and they say it’s really haunted, so it would be a good place for the Halloween evening.

5. Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Raise your hands if you don’t know this saga. As we thought, no raised hands. The first one of them appeared in 1996 for the PlayStation, and it was created by Capcom. The famous Umbrella Corporation has been illegally experimenting with a virus. As a result, we will find zombies and other creatures all over the place. This videogame’s story was so successful that prequels, sequels and even a few films have been created.

4. Zombies Ate my Neighbours

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Back in history, in this case to the Super Nintendo in 1993. Already in the top positions of the list we find this addictive game by Konami, in which you will have to rescue your neighbours. Rescue them from what, you may ask? Not only from zombies as its title indicates, but also from vampires, werewolves, aliens, UFOs, evil babies, giant ants and worms… Well, with your SNES you’ll be very busy in your Halloween evening.

3. The House of the Dead

The House Of The Dead

At last we get to the third position in the list. In 1997 Sega delighted us with this “rail shooter” type of game, in which we have to investigate a series of disappearances in the Curien mansion, property of a famous biochemist and geneticist. At getting in the mansion, we will soon discover that the famous doctor has been busy creating every kind of horrifying creatures, so we have no other choice but getting to the end of the matter by shooting. It also had a few sequels, including a very interesting one for the Dreamcast, called The Typing of the Dead, in which monsters had to get killed by typing fastly in the keyboard-accessory the words showing on the screen.

2. Ghosts’n Goblins

Ghosts'n Goblins

In the second position we have a classic so classical that it also appeared in our list of the 10 retro games you have to play before the end of the world. In this case, even though it’s not exactly too terrifying either, we have included it for being a true classic and also for being riddled with zombies and evil creatures. Its first version was launched for arcade machines in 1985, making Capcom earn a real fortune at expense of this game, so original back then. It has also had sequels, although none better than the original one.

1. Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back

Cauldron II

And finally in the first position, whether we consider it terrifying or not, there’s the one we think is the Halloween retro game par excellence: Cauldron II. And why do we think that? Well, the simple fact that our character is a pumpkin in the most pure Halloween style, or that we have to defeat the Evil Witch, says a lot. If we also consider the game’s scenario, which is a castle packed with evil creatures like ghosts and skeletons, then there’s nothing more to say. Palace Software was the brilliant company who created this game in 1986, for Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. They had also created the first part of the game one year before, Cauldron. But in that one we could only see the witch and no pumpkins, so we’ve opted for the second part as the winner of this ranking.


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