40 years with our beloved Pong

RetroGamers - Pong


40 long years ago, in 1972, Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney decided to create a company. No less than Atari was born, and they created the first arcade machine with the game Pong. They build a prototype, installed it in a friend’s bar to try that business, and a few days later… they had to go and fix it because it wasn’t working. When they arrived for the fix, there was a line of people at the bar, waiting for it to open. What had happened? The box for the machine to store the coins was simply a milk carton and the machine had been so successful that coins had overflown and prevented it to work correctly!!! Following prototypes were a bit more elaborated, like this:

Arcade Pong

A lot of us were not even born back then, but for sure all of us have played this addictive game or even a newer version. True, RetroGamers?


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