Adventures and misfortunes of a collector

By popular demand, we’re creating a new section to explain the world the unexpected events my humble self has gone through along his career in old video game collecting, and also to share with all of you other collector’s adventures that I’ve heard. From the purchase of a double-screen Game & Watch… for 1€!!!, to the acquisition of a Starcraft 64 PAL version exclusive from Australia, I’ll try to bring some smiles to those faces, they’re getting quite pixelated with so much retro 🙂

Coming back soon, RetroGamers!!!


2 thoughts on “Adventures and misfortunes of a collector

  1. Me parece una muy buena idea la de compartir tus vivencias en este maravilloso mundo del coleccionismo, deseando ya leer los proximos post.
    Animo y gracias por tu entusiasmo !

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