Here we start the 2.0 version of the RetroBlog. We hope to keep you interested!!! 🙂

This RetroBlog is about what we usually call retrogaming. What’s that, you wonder? Basically, the hobby about old videogames.

We don’t consider ourselves fanatics, we’re not geeks (we are, but we will always deny it!!!), we’re not weirdoes… but a few years ago (quite a few) we started collecting any kind of consoles and old videogames. When we say any kind, we mean any kind: portables, pocket sized, desktop, available accessories, etc..

As with any kind of hobby, you can always find the extremists. In this case, in Spain the most known groups are called nintenderos (staunch fans of Nintendo branded consoles and videogames), whom fight in an endless battle with the so-called sonyers, staunch fans of Sony’s PlayStation console.

Personally, at the collecting level and with no kind of fanatism, we prefer Nintendo. We think the consoles and videogames standards they offer are the pure essence of what after all we all search in them: fun!!!

And here we start this Retroblog, in which we will gather together any kind of information about out personal collection, new acquisitions, interesting news, curiosities…  all in all, anything a good RetroGamer could be interested in.

Now fasten your seatbelts and grab your joysticks because… here we go, RetroGamers!!!


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