From Neo Geo Pocket to Neo Geo X

RetroGamers - Neo Geo X

Neo Geo Pocket Color

Yeah, why not, we’ve decided to play a few games with the Neo Geo Pocket Color. So we’ve taken it out of the box and had a look at our available games. From Pac-Man to Samurai Shodown 2, going through Metal Slug… it’s so difficult to choose one!!! So let’s play fair and try them all.

This console by the company SNK, launched in 1999, is up to this moment the last one of the Neo Geo series. We’ve said up to this moment because, 13 years after its last generation, next December is the launch date for the new Neo Geo X. It will come bundled with 20 pre-installed games, and it will be possible to get more in memory cards. Classics of the Neo Geo, like Metal Slug, King of Fighters or Fatal Fury will be between the chosen ones for this resurrection. This is how the new Neo Geo looks like:

Neo Geo X

Cool, isn’t it? Anyway, here and now we have a Neo Geo in our hands, so let’s start playing Metal Slug: Firts Mission

And you, RetroGamers? Do you have any favourite one on this console?


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