Disney bets on old videogames with Wreck-It Ralph!

RetroGamers - Wreck-It Ralph

Rompe Ralph

It’s about to reach cinema screens in the United States and it promises being one of the most refreshing animation films of the season. Wreck-It Ralph! tells us the story of an evil video game character, whose main job is wrecking buildings wherever he goes. But one good day he gets tired of being always the bad guy, he escapes through the arcade machine‘s power cable… and starts going from one video game to the next, trying to become a hero.


During the film we will be able to see some of our eternally beloved characters like Bowser, the ghosts in Pac-Man, Sonic and some Street Fighter characters like Ryu and Ken. We’ll even see parodies of newer video games like Halo. Here you have the trailer so you can have a look. In short, it’s a film we can’t miss, RetroGamers!!!



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