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To start our new collecting section, what better than addressing the core of what’s currently my collection: everything around Nintendo 64, including a full PAL set of Nintendo 64 games. I’ve been collecting for years and years consoles, cartridges, accessories… Sometimes I even take it as a charity, due to the fact of keeping in the best possible shape at least one copy of each available game, of each accessory, of each… whatever 😛

I started collecting Nintendo 64 thanks to (or because of) a friend, who gave me a birthday present: some Nintendo 64 cartridges. I had just bought the console, specifically the clear green one (named Jungle Green), so everything came at the right time to start enjoying it. I got really happy with my new console (well, it was second-hand) and my new games, although not quite like this:

I can’t remember all the games he gave me, although I do remember Shadow Man and 007 Goldeneye (OMG, what a game!!!). And everything started there and then… since today. We’ll talk some other day about the piles of games and consoles that I’ve been gathering through the years but, in summary, I can disclose that my collection includes all the console versions that hit national territory (all boxed!!!) and a full set with every PAL published game for this console (all boxed with manual, too!!!):

Now’s the turn for the typical smart ass freak to say, with some venom in the chamber: “Oh, really? Every PAL game? Are you sure?” Well yes, I’m sure!!! The collection includes the 4 PAL games that exclusively hit only Australia: Major League Baseball, Snowboard Kids 2, Starcraft 64 and HSV Adventure Racing!:
Actually, HSV Adventure Racing! is no more than Bettle Adventure Racing!, published in Europe, just switching Beetle vehicles to HSV Commodores. I know what you’re wondering… yes, I have both (evil laugh). HSV Adventure Racing! and Major League Baseball aren’t very difficult to get, at least at a reasonable price. It also depends on what a RetroGamer understands as reasonable, they’re starting to be scarce and in an acceptable state they’re already at around 300€. The other two, Snowboard Kids 2 and Starcraft 64… that’s another story. If you find them in Europe, get ready to pay easily over 1000€ each (up to 2000€ I’ve already seen out there!!!). The alternative is buying them for example on eBay Australia (not for much less, no kidding), pay postage, the resulting risk of custom taxes… an epic adventure, not even counting that, after thousands and thousands (and more thousands) of kilometers travelling, it arrives in good shape:
Particularly, we can’t say I was very lucky with Starcraft 64… here’s the events chronicle:
  • May 2016: having a look at the prices of the damn game, but bearing in mind that it’s one of the very few left to complete the PAL set, I get a loose one on eBay Australia (177€).

Pros: my cartridge has dodged customs (muahaha).

Cons: the cartridge arrives and I think why the hell I’ve bought a loose cartridge if what I want is a complete full set. I get puzzled and disoriented.

  • July 2016: I overcome my fears and strike again. This time I get a complete one, also on eBay Australia (290€, even back then it was a bargain, currently that would be to laugh at).

Pros: it arrives 😐

Cons: customs crushes me, 25€ (they’re still laughing). I look at the box, and there are some parts with sun fade. I open the box… and the manual is not the PAL version but the USA one!!! The bargain at the end wasn’t such.

Pros 2: I complain to the seller and he refunds 40€ for the manual_and_sun_fade-gate. I decide that, at least, it’s not too bad: in summary, I got it for 265€ with a sun-faded box and a USA manual.

Cons 2: yes, I got it “cheap”, but… I still don’t have a complete PAL version!!! Tantrum.

  • August 2016: I look at my wallet. My wallet looks back at me, threatening. Due to the body weight difference, there’s not much it can do, so I manage to get the card out and buy anothere complete one on eBay Australia (this time at a more “standard” price of 582€).

Pros: it also arrives…

Cons: customs crushes me again with another 25€, they must be saving to buy themselves their own copy of Starcraft 64 PAL.

Pros 2: yes. At last. Mine already. A Starcraft 64 PAL cartridge, with PAL version box and PAL version manual. I cry with emotion.

Furthermore, in the July 2016 purchase, I put stake all my weapons of seduction to get the seller to also include the official game guide. In the end I didn’t have to show anything, it turns out the seller just wanted money. So I paid 25€ extra and here it is with me:



Then, of course, once a complete Starcraft 64 achieved, ¿what now? Obviously, getting Snowboard Kids 2 PAL also complete… ugh. My wallet is really smart and, as soon as it realized what was going on, it started running. 2 hours it took me to find it, hiding where it thought I would never look: inside the Superman 64 box (if you know the game you’ll know why, if not I’ll tell you some other day).

Chronology of the Snowboard Kids 2 mission:

  • May 2016: this one I bought it also on eBay Australia (180€) more or less at the same time as the first Starcraft 64 cartridge.

Pros: it dodged customs!!!

Cons: yes, as I said I bought it more or less at the same time as that Starcraft 64 loose cartridge… and I made the same mistake, loose also. Idiot!!!!!!!

  • November 2016: I buy one boxed on eBay Australia, as it’s a “good price” (456€).

Pros: dodged customs again. I can’t believe it, all of them must have died.

Cons: what do you want the cons to be? Haven’t you seen how much it is to buy now a loose manual? Idiot!!!!!!

  • October 2017: almost one year it takes me to decide to take the step and scratch my pocket again. New purchase on eBay Australia, this time for a loose cartridge with its manual (282€).

Pros: I really start worrying about customs people, it arrives again at no additional cost. But oh well, it’s been them who decided to step out of our relationship, so I just accept it.

Cons: now’s the time when I should be happy, because I already have it complete, right? Mistake!!! Now I see that this game, apart from the manual, came originally with a leaflet, some sort of “quickstart guide”. And it’s not included in my purchase. Noooooooooooo!!!!!

  • November 2017: eBay Australia, 17:48 of a cold evening. I find the leaflet on auction. I lurk. I bid. I get overbid. I bid again. I win!!! At a very good price (41€) considering the regular price back then, just that leaflet used to sell for twice as much easily.

Pros: I will at last have it complete and I won’t get charged at customs as it’s just a leaflet!!!

Cons: the seller cancels the purchase, most likely somebody offered more money for it. I take off my cloths to see if I can get it… nothing, no answer 🙁

  • August 2018: almost another year later, I think: “it’s now or never”. eBay Australia again. I find a loose manual that includes the leaflet, with no game, but quite expensive (200€). I start negotiating with the seller, and I get a discount!!! Nothing out of this world though, but well, it goes down to 176€.

Pros: now yes, at last I’ll have it complete!!!

Cons: the card bank issuer sends me an e-mail congratulating me for being customer of the year for the third year in a row.

For those of you who don’t know the Snowboard Kids 2 leaflet I’m talking about, it’s this one:



After all this expenditure, there were only a few minor details to complete my collection, as you can imagine at expense of my financial health. Anyway, in order to finance those acquisitions I came up with the idea of cutting back a bit on other expenses, like for example food. Here I am after a few weeks of getting used to my new budget:

OK, I’m going to have my dinner. For tonight I have a chickpea to suck on until it melts, if I don’t start right away I’ll go to bed with a full stomach. And, as we all know, that’s not good for you, RetroGamers!!!

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  1. haha… “Negativo: el vendedor cancela la compra, supongo que alguien le ha ofrecido más pasta. Me quito la ropa para ver si así lo consigo… nada, no contesta ”

    La larga aventura me ha enganchado, no he podido parar de leer 🙂
    Al final, todo se soluciono… bueno, menos la cena 🙂

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