Do you remember… Arkanoid?

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ArkanoidOf course you remember, how couldn’t you. That game that hooked us completely and became unique. Although it’s based on the popular game Breakout that Atari published back in the late 70’s, Arkanoid brought stardom to this kind of game thanks to the popularity of personal computers in the 80’s. Amstrad, Spectrum, Commodore, Apple II, Atari, MSX… Almost every platform back then had their Arkanoid version.


The original game, Breakout, has a lot of anecdotes. For example, after Atari had developed a first version, no less than Steve Jobs was put in charge of improving the prototype design. He far exceeded it thanks to his fellow team member Steve Wozniak, decreasing the necessary amount of chips to less than half, although finally the design was so specialized and difficult to produce that Atari ended up using their own original design.

Jobs + Wozniak

And Arkanoid was the main heir of all this genius, adding power-ups and other amazing features. Do you remember it, RetroGamer?


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