Do you remember… Bomb Jack?

RetroGamers - Bomb Jack

Bomb Jack

Remembering this amazing game, we’ve felt a bit ashamed for not having included it in our history of platform games. But then we couldn’t include them all… So we’ve decided to pay a particular tribute.

Bomb Jack Title

This brilliant platform game came into our lifes in 1984, and never went away. Its creator was the company Tehkan, known today as Tecmo. Probably all of you know what’s the plot of the game, but we’ll explain just in case. Basically, pick up the 24 bombs that some terrorist has placed in different tourist locations: Egypt with the Sphinx and its pyramids, Hollywood, the Acropolis… How will we do that? Flying and jumping across platforms, as our character is one of those superheroes with a cape and all.

Bomb Jack Gameplay

From here we want to send a huge hug to the creators of this game, which brings us so many and so good memories. Do you remember it, RetroGamers?


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