Do you remember… Donkey Kong Country?

Donkey Kong Country SNES

Some 25 years ago, in December 1994, the fantastic team at Rareware wanted to get all the juice out of a Super Nintendo. And boy, did they do it with this Donkey Kong Country…

From stunning graphics we weren’t used to in 16-bit to really detailed textures, from a brilliant soundtrack to unprecedented playability, everything about this game deserved a reverence and, no wonder, it was declared Game of the Year by several media. It didn’t come out of the blue though, people at Rareware knew very well what they were doing. Although previously through other firms, their founders, brothers Tim and Chris Stamper, had already brought us jewels like Jetpac in 1983 or the amazing Knight Lore in 1984, both categorical review and sales successful cases. And what could come out by crossing this pair’s genius with Nintendo‘s good deeds? A flipping good hybrid, only the masterpiece game we’re recalling today.

Donkey Kong Country Screen

Donkey Kong Country was the first game in using the technology called Advanced Computer Modelling and offer us pre-rendered graphics in 3D. In a year when Nintendo started their endless battle with Sony and their PlayStation, games like this were a real push for the Japanese company, who wouldn’t stop surprising us time and again. And, for sure, it was the starting point of a bright career for our beloved Donkey Kong, becoming a main character from that moment.

Donkey Kong


We are sure you’ll join us wishing Donkey Kong Country a happy 25th anniversary!!! Isn’t that right, RetroGamers?


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