Fancy playing Game Boy games on your Android device? :)

Game Boy Advance Android

As we all know, either desktop or portable, consoles evolve at an incredible speed. This leads us to a slight problem: compatibility with old games. With the launch of a new model to the market several things can happen:

1) The new console has been designed to also play games from the older generation: YAY!!!

Paper Mario Happy

2) It is possible to play the older games with the new model thanks to emulation, although at expense of some quality loss or some compatibility problem: AHEM…

Paper Mario Pse

3) Our older games are doomed and bound to be forgotten as they are in no way compatible with the new hardware: OUCH!!!

Paper Mario Angry

Even acquiring the latest console model, we always have the possibility of keeping the old one, too. In some cases that is not feasible due to the cost of buying the new one, usually partly-funded by selling the old console. Even keeping the old one, someday it could break and… bye, games!!! In these cases… what options do we have?

One good option almost always available is emulation. With an emulator we can play old console games (and not so old) by using an emulator program and the game itself, in a ROM (Read Only Memory) file format. Although a lot of times these games in ROM format can be found easily over the Internet, actually playing them is legal only when one has purchased the original game previously. That is,  if you have an old game but not its matching console, and you fancy playing it for a while, you can always stick to this solution. That is the case of My Boy!, a Game Boy and Game Boy Advance emulator, freely available for the Android operating system. So if you have an Android devoice and you fancy some revival gaming, have a look at Google Play and have some fun. Although surely the gameplay experience won’t be the same as with the original console.

Game Boy Advance Android

If, on the other hand, you have nostalgia for having those original cartridge oldies in your collection, you can also have a look at our retro videogames shop and we will see what can we do for you 🙂

Cheers, RetroGamers!!!


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